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Cyber Storm II

| 03.10.2008 | 07:58:015233 |
March 10 '08: The Homeland Security Watch blog has reported that the National Cyber Security Division of DHS is planning a second national cyber exercise called Cyber Storm II which will partner public, private and international agencies and organizations.
HLS wrote the Cyber Storm II "scenario will include coordinated cyber and physical attacks on critical infrastructure to simulate a political and economic agenda. Participants in the (full-scale exercise) FSE include Federal, State, local and international governments, as well as private sector entitites from multiple critical infrastructure sectors."

On its fact sheet, federal officials said that Cyber Storm II, which followed the Cyber Storm I exercise in 2006 will examine the capabilities of the participating organizations; coordinate response from the various agencies; help to "validate" information-sharing relationships; and evaluate and "examine" the means by which information is transfered, shared and securitized during the exercise.

Participants of the exercise include the nations of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States along with State and local governments in the US. Private sector partners will include members of the IT, chemical, and transportation industries along with several information and analysis groups.

National Blueprint Tags: Legal & Intergovernmental, Intelligence & Situational Awareness (P3), Economic & Infrastructure (P3).