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Chesapeake group works to help foster public/private homeland security technology development

| 12.28.2005 | 07:31:527638 |
December 28 '06: A public/private partnership of technology incubators and government agencies has been developed to push forward homeland security-related technologies and to help small technology companies gain access to government-led projects. The partnership includes companies in seven states with another 10 states joining this year, Georgia Tech's news room reported.
One of the groups, the Chesapeake Innovation Center is working with seven other businesses and technology incubators to push the Technology Acceleration for National Security Network which represents 106 companies.

The Baltimore Business Journal reported, "Organizers say the network will enable government agencies and major corporations to identify and nurture key security technologies ... Market intelligence, networking, teaming on contracts and other proprietary services will be available for network members."

Georgia Tech's news room found that the 106 small businesses will work with the incubators "and future member companies to meet emerging technology needs of major government organizations and corporations. The TANS Network will create a channel into the security marketplace, providing advanced technologies to improve national security while helping the incubator members advance their local economic development goals."