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Forging Partnerships Across Boundaries

AD | 04.27.2007 | 15:06:0317708 |
The Gilmore Commission recognized that America has great opportunities to strengthen its domestic preparedness if different sectors can work together in partnership to overcome traditional barriers.  The ReadyCommunities Partnership has held meetings across the country to identify these barriers and highlight examples of where community leaders have come together to solve challenges that require cooperation at all levels.

Communities such as Galveston and Charleston face potential threats and disasters each year to their port operations and exposure to natural storms.  Both communities have a long history of collaboration, partnership and problem solving between sectors.  Other communities and cities also are examples of forging partnerships across boundaries, yet often don't know how to develop solutions to certain problems.

The National Congress for Secure Communities and the National Blueprint are ways that communities can exchange ideas and highlight their best practices and learn from each other, to develop new tools to help prepare and meet the challenges of terrorist attack or disaster.  America's domestic security is only as strong as the weakest community - but working together, communities and their businesses, organizations and citizens can help strengthen America by preparing for the first critical 72 hours of a national or large-scale crisis.