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Cisco Systems says technology will help school security

| 06.25.2007 | 07:53:478089 |
June 25 '07: Citing a recent report compiled by the Government Accountability Office (see attached report below), Cisco Systems has said that its new communications technology will help educators and schools around the country to have instant access to information and "to help when they need it," through Cisco Unified Communications.
The technology works to integrate various forms of communication such as phone, instant messaging and text messaging, into computer applications. The software was designed to business to help collaboration and communications, but has since found another outlet in school security.

In the press release, Geromy Schrick, Technology Director for Mustang School District said that using the Cisco services in conjunction with School Messenger helped to notify a large group of parents during an emergency with little extra effort from faculty who were dealing with the emergency on location.