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Missouri law enforcement agencies to use information-sharing technology

| 01.10.2008 | 08:29:266618 |
January 10 '08: Law enforcement agencies in Missouri are pooling their federal money, instead of focusing on regional programs, to fund a state-wide information-sharing program, Congressional Quarterly reported. Of note in this partnership is that local officials have said that by combining their resources, they are able to increase the breadth and scope of their abilities to take advantage of the Missouri Data Exchange project. The agencies will be using the COPLINK information and database suite, a press release announced. The technology was designed by Knowledge Computing Corp.
Government Computer News outlined the state-wide law enforcement partnership's decision to use the database software which "allows vast quantities of structured and seemingly unrelated data - including data stored in incompatible databases and records management systems - to be securely organized, consolidated and quickly analyzed over a secure intranet-based platform."

In the press release, Knowledge Computing Corp. said that COPLINK could "create statewide networks" which can share the information in real-time while each agency participating in the sharing has the ability to manipulate and control their flow of information.

CQ found that once the system goes online, it will link into the FBI's Regional Data Exchange System. The COPLINK system will join more than 12,655 sworn, full time officers in 114 counties and throughout more than 535 municipalities.