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Mobile communications and networking companies partner to release command center for hurricane response

| 06.14.2007 | 08:39:2310783 |
June 14 '07: Two global communications and network companies have partnered to create a mobile emergency response command center which can be used for field operational management for the 2007 hurricane season, a press release announced. The companies, PacStar and SpaceNet will design the Emergency Preparedness Integrated Communications system.
The EPIC will be "based on a modified PacStar 5500 connected to a satellite terminal," and will allow for interoperable communication the press release reported. Currently, the PacStar 5500 is being used in Afghanistan to relay communications to the Afghan National Army.

It will allow responders in the field share voice, image and other data streams with emergency management operators.

The EPIC will use satellite transmissions to relay information to bypass local communication infrastructure which could be down after a disaster.

The EPIC has been designed for remote-location areas as well as disaster sites, and "can be transported in an SUV, helicopter, or commercial aircraft. Two people can deploy EPIC within one hour, inclusive of the satellite connectivity," the press release read.