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Ref: New satellite communication system for Florida Nat'l Gaurd

| 04.09.2008 | 08:39:135651 |
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Advanced Mobile Satellite Communications Network Being Rolled Out for Florida National Guard

Digital Consulting Services and Proactive Communications collaborated on
system that sets new standards in combining vehicle and land-based
capability for national emergency response

KILLEEN, Texas, April 8, 2008 /PRNewswire/ -- Proactive Communications,
Inc. (PCI), a trusted all-conditions SATCOM provider worldwide, and Digital
Consulting Services (DCS), a Federal Government services provider and
systems integrator for IT solutions, today announced the completion
schedule for the final phase of the Florida National Guard's (FLNG)
superior mobile Emergency Response Network. The advanced system will be
operational by July for the beginning of the Atlantic hurricane season. By
adding four air-liftable vehicles to the system, the enhanced mobility of
the Emergency Response Network gives the National Guard the ability to
rapidly establish a wireless Incident Area Network capable of supporting
first responder communications at both the state and local level upon
arrival at an incident.

"This Regional Emergency Response Network equipment is an integral part
of the FLNG's ability to provide communications capabilities to a disaster
area. By placing this equipment within a prime mover vehicle, first
responders across a range of local, state and federal agencies have
critical communications capabilities when they need it most," stated Major
Scott Van Zant, Sr. Information Management Branch Chief of the FLNG.

For the Emergency Response Network, DCS and PCI are providing advanced
satellite network capabilities via access to a fully meshed satellite
network via a satellite hub station that is located geographically in a
safer region of the U.S. than the current National Guard architecture. The
network -- which is not limited to use in Florida -- will offer voice,
video and data for Emergency Response command and control operations, and
will provide a path for next generation Comms-on-the-Move (COTM)
capabilities for the Florida National Guard.

"Due to its geography and susceptibility to hurricanes, Florida is
known for being a leader in disaster preparedness," said Marc LeGare,
president and CEO of PCI. "This new mobile comms sets the benchmark for
superior communications systems. It has been a great honor to provide
needed engineering and bandwidth support for this important project."

DCS, the prime contractor responsible for contract management and
administration, project/requirements management, quality control, test
engineering, documentation and maintenance of this project was selected as
the provider based on its past performance and superior solutions in the
area of Emergency Response Network systems.

"DCS has been involved in this project since Phase 1, which began in
2005. The team involved has worked closely with the FLNG to push the limits
of innovation and technology. This is truly a monumental success," stated
Garry Noel, vice president of sales and services for DCS.