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LG partners with Harris to deliver digital spectrum solution for emergency response data transfer capability

| 04.15.2008 | 10:02:316410 |
April 15 '08: In a press release, a partnership was announced between LG USA and the Harris Corporation to deliver the MPH "in-band mobile" digital technology solution which will allow information to be sent to first responders and the general public through the digital spectrum and even when users are traveling at high speeds and using hand-held PDAs.
The digital channel MPH will provide "robust over-the-air (digital television) DTV signals and vital public safety information to mobile, pedestrian and handheld devices. MPH allows local broadcasters to deliver local news, weather and traffic information, both video and data, even when traveling in fast-moving vehicles or using handheld devices away from home."

Demonstrations of the new MPH were showcased in Las Vegas at the National Association of Broadcaster's annual convention through Harris' cooperation with New Hampshire Public Television, the University of New Hampshire and Project 54. Project 54 is a "collaborative R&D effort between the university and the New Hampshire Department of Safety."

Dr. Jong Kim, the president of the R&D lab at LG said in the press release, "MPH enhances the delivery of critical data such as building blueprints, hazardous materials locations and evacuation routes. ... MPH can transmit emergency information not only to institutions, but also to individual police officers, firefighters and hospitals personnel via handheld and in-dash in their rapidly moving vehicles."

In February, the Harris Corporation announced new multiband interoperable radios to help connect agencies using various bands. The radios are compliant with the APCO Project 25 technical standard for digital communications and the radios can provide secure links for responders.

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