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  1. Town Hall Meeting Framework: creating a framework of simple questions for community preparedness |
  2. Neighborhood Presidents: A Charleston Best Practice |
  3. Community Shuttle Squad: A pre-trained volunteer vehicle 'pony express' to assist responders |
  4. NSCAN : National Stakeholder Community Alert Network database |
  5. ReadyCommunity Partnership: Implementing a 5-community public/private Blueprint pilot | ReadyCommunities Partnerships-0.doc
  6. Essential Public Network: Creating a federal-ready network of community/private sector stakeholders |
  7. Essential Public Network: Tying community wireless 2-way alert capability into the public sector network |
  8. Vulnerable/Special Needs Sector: Pairing those in need through a buddy network |
  9. Vulnerable/Special Needs Sector: Stored-Value Buddy Card |
  10. Surge Village: A dual purpose to train communities between crisis |
  11. Surge Village: Additional subscription capacity to augment local training and response |
  12. Crisis Response Officer: A new community and private sector point of contact for responders | crodescriptionwebpage.doc
  13. Crisis Decision System: Using GIS technology to overlay the Virtual Surge Depot |
  14. Crisis Decision System: Developing a standardized training program for local leaders |
  15. Virtual Surge Depot: Catalog of local community/private sector assets for first 72 hours |


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