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  1. The Gulf Oil Spill and the Chesapeake Bay
  2. Oklahoma town considers desertion after tornadoes
  3. Food Defense and Emergency Response Releases Food Defense Plan for warehouses and distro centers
  4. Colorado town responds to water crisis
  5. Companies partner to create pollution response and training depots
  6. Proxtronics solution establishes radiation baseline information for situational awareness
  7. Harvard hosts emergency evacuation webcast
  8. New silica technology to clean water using nanotechnology
  9. CDC releases state public health response preparedness report
  10. American Chemistry Council publishes responsible management system for railroad companies
  11. Ahura Scientific develops handheld chemical ID device
  12. Local Miami college joins community emergency alert network
  13. RAE Systems deploys sensor network technology during TOPOFF 4
  14. Local Governments for Sustainability
  15. New report finds gaps in national medical preparedness
  16. Virginia community hospital uses imaging technology to share information
  17. Medical University of South Carolina helps to establish National Center for Disaster Mental Health Research
  18. Blu-Med to work with Idaho and New York communities to increase hospital surge capacity
  19. NASA helps CDC track spread of diseases
  20. New Study finds gaps in response for children
  21. Prehospital Preparedness for Pediatric Mass-Casualty Events
  22. University of Georgia researcher builds portable chemical detection device
  23. New report focuses on sheltering in place and the public's readiness
  24. Response exercise partners Wisconsin community with railroad
  25. New York Health organizations work on best practices and lessons-learned
  26. First responders get disaster training from chemical and rail industry
  27. California hospital practices emergency response with community organizations and quick EOC shelter
  28. Chemical Safety Board releases report on North Carolina chemical plant explosion response and best practices
  29. Synthron Chemical Disaster
  30. DHS partners with tech labs to simulate disasters
  31. Resident response plan in Florida communities
  32. Hawaii university to unveil online health preparedness suite
  33. New online tool for hazmat responders
  34. Recent pet food recall shows vulnerability officials say
  35. HHS announces new plan for CBRN threat preparedness
  36. Company releases new water safety monitoring technology for cities
  37. VA town to be center of national emergency drill
  38. Montana tribes training for hazmat response
  39. NYC using new nuclear material detection technology
  40. WVA local doctors learn about bioterror preparedness and response
  41. Training rail workers to respond in hazmat situations
  42. BARDA
  43. South Dakota responders learn from terrorism response exercise
  44. New Jersey responders drill for chemical attack
  45. Bioterror defense and research bill passed by Congress
  46. Local NC disaster drill partners schools with first responders
  47. Kansas agropreparedness focuses on cattle safety
  48. Communication: Cooperating with existing telecoms to help bolster emergency communication
  49. Paying for disaster response: creating clear lines of responsibility
  50. Stovepiping and information sharing: change the culture and change the outlook
  51. Emergency Response System: Training very first responders
  52. Transit security: using controled access points to help increase security
  53. Emergency supplies: Disaster bags
  54. New national standard approved for bioterror safety
  55. New biodefense lab in Maryland
  56. Biowatch plans for national biosensor network
  57. Chemical plant security in Houston
  58. Chemical plant security focus from DHS
  59. NIH grant gives BU Level 4 lab in South End
  60. NYC hospitals get radiation detection


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