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  1. Report finds increased disaster preparedness outreach needed in immigrant communities
  2. New report outlines pandemic treatment priorities
  3. US/Mexican border partnership for disaster preparedness training
  4. CDC exercise focuses on challenges posed by pandemic
  5. Welch Allyn develops wireless bedside data solution for hospitals
  6. Stargazer helps to connect families and resources during a disaster
  7. Harvard hosts emergency evacuation webcast
  8. L-3 partners with CDC for biotraining and response
  9. New silica technology to clean water using nanotechnology
  10. Google partners with Cleveland Clinic in new medical information program
  11. CDC releases state public health response preparedness report
  12. Community-based flu wiki sites join to form family pandemic preparedness site
  13. Google announces initiative aimed at pandemic and infectious disease response
  14. Predict and Prevent from
  15. Contingency Planning & Outsourcing provides relief and recovery planning
  16. Cox Enterprises launches crisis management site
  17. Hexayurts provide quick portable shelter through partnership
  18. Local Governments for Sustainability
  19. New report finds gaps in national medical preparedness
  20. Virginia community hospital uses imaging technology to share information
  21. Medical University of South Carolina helps to establish National Center for Disaster Mental Health Research
  22. Blu-Med to work with Idaho and New York communities to increase hospital surge capacity
  23. Massachusetts community helps to shape pandemic response plans
  24. NASA helps CDC track spread of diseases
  25. SecondLife community developed to help train first responders for pandemic vaccine distribution
  26. International body calls for greater preparedness
  27. Buffalo area businesses plan for disaster response and continuity of operations planning
  28. New Study finds gaps in response for children
  29. Prehospital Preparedness for Pediatric Mass-Casualty Events
  30. New York Mercantile Exchange prepares remote continuity of operations site
  31. Financial institutions to run cyber pandemic preparedness drill
  32. Pandemic Toolkit website to provide emergency preparedness info for businesses
  33. New York Health organizations work on best practices and lessons-learned
  34. Healthcare orgs form disaster response cooperative
  35. DHS partners with tech labs to simulate disasters
  36. IT industry told to prepare pandemic response and continuity plans
  37. New survey finds public would self-impose pandemic mitigation tactics
  38. Mass town plans community bio and medical preparedness
  39. Canadian businesses learn business continuity best practices from SARS outbreak
  40. Resident response plan in Florida communities
  41. Hawaii university to unveil online health preparedness suite
  42. Pharm company to donate flu vaccines
  43. Summit brings private and public sector partnerships together for health and pandemic preparedness
  44. IBM releases pandemic prediction software
  45. Steps to take to help build prepared communities
  46. Recent TB case reveals gaps in pandemic response and preparedness
  47. CDC quarantines man with drug-resistant TB
  48. Financial sector to test flu pandemic readiness
  49. Arizona county reaches out to immigrant population for bioterror preparedness
  50. New poll shows lack of preparedness in U.S. among communities
  51. South Carolina partnering with company for telemedicine technology upgrades in hospitals
  52. Indiana community partners with state to film pandemic preparedness video
  53. Iowan counties practice pandemic response
  54. Local PA nurse working with state officials for pandemic preparedness
  55. Mass university practices emergency response drills
  56. USDA announces new federal grants for telemedicine and distance learning for rural areas
  57. Drug company Roche to speak about pandemic preparedness to Angelenos during Town Hall
  58. PA community-based preparedness program lauded for best public engagement
  59. Community-based engagement vital for pandemic preparedness
  60. Asian responders practice bird flu response
  61. Researchers building cybergrid to test spread of pandemic
  62. Grocery store chains prepare bird flu contingencies
  63. Episcopal Church releases flu pandemic response and preparedness plan
  64. OSHA business guidelines for pandemic preparedness
  65. Companies prepare for bird flu pandemic
  66. New federal pandemic response plans outlined
  67. Native American health officials say technology helped to prepare for pandemic
  68. American College of Physicians report on pandemic response
  69. Best practices for communities during pandemic
  70. BARDA
  71. South Dakota responders learn from terrorism response exercise
  72. Federal government working with international and domestic agencies to prepare for flu outbreak
  73. Pandemic preparedness website and reference guide to help Illinois schools
  74. U.S. Fire releases pandemic guidelines and best practices for first responders
  75. Local NC disaster drill partners schools with first responders
  76. Health officials work to mitigate surge during medical emergency
  77. Kansas agropreparedness focuses on cattle safety
  78. Canadian pandemic triage plan published
  79. Seattle tests postal employees as vaccine couriers
  80. CDC says lessons learned from Katrina help to train for pandemic
  81. Communication: Cooperating with existing telecoms to help bolster emergency communication
  82. Paying for disaster response: creating clear lines of responsibility
  83. Stovepiping and information sharing: change the culture and change the outlook
  84. Emergency Response System: Training very first responders
  85. Emergency supplies: Disaster bags
  86. Disaster stations: Using businesses and community organizations to help rebuild communities
  87. Emergency supplies: Lifepacks can help provide shelter and clothing
  88. National Governors Association releases pandemic preparedness plan
  89. New web technology tool to help coordinate medical information during a disaster
  90. Businesses and bird flu
  91. Health officials preparing American poultry for flu virus
  92. Community-based flu website tries to prepare communities
  93. NIH grant gives BU Level 4 lab in South End
  94. NYC hospitals get radiation detection
  95. Poultry farmers on front line of bird flu defense
  96. New Hampshire runs mock bird flu outbreak scenario
  97. New quarantine center in Logan airport


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