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Index-Public/Private Partnership

  1. DHS, Social Networks and Emergency Awareness
  2. Promoting Local Low Powered Community Radio
  3. Response to historic flooding in Australia
  4. Looking Back - Report: taking advantage of the private sector to safeguard the public
  5. In Memoriam: John Solomon 1963 - 2010
  6. See Something Say Something Campaign Launched
  7. Seattle Starts Food Security Program
  8. Emergency Response Outreach for non-English Speakers in the South
  9. New Standards Announced for Private Sector Preparedness
  10. The Gulf Oil Spill and the Chesapeake Bay
  11. International Strategy for Disaster Reduction Day
  12. Myspace and DHS announce hurricane awareness partnership
  13. As Gustav heads toward Gulf Coast, partnerships help to build information portals for community members and response organizations
  14. America's Emergency Network - public/private partnership to deliver nation-wide emergency network
  15. ReadyCommunities Partnership Buffalo Symposium and Planning Session
  16. ReadyCommunities Partners gather in Buffalo
  17. CARRI initiative works for federal-led resiliency
  18. House Homeland Security hearings on private sector partnership to promote resiliency
  19. Private boaters asked to help with homeland security measures
  20. US/Mexican border partnership for disaster preparedness training
  21. FEMA releases strategic plan for 2008 - 2013
  22. UNH partnership works to integrate technologies for interoperable communications
  23. LG partners with Harris to deliver digital spectrum solution for emergency response data transfer capability
  24. Partnership report focuses on water infrastructure security
  25. Auto safety kit company partners with new luxury car maker
  26. Hawaii hospitals participate in mock bioterror response drill
  27. Florida community employs local schools to help in emergency response exercise
  28. Duos Technologies builds surveillance system for hospitals in Florida and railroads in DC
  29. Cyber Storm II
  30. Chicago links responders and police to schools' surveillance systems
  31. Navy builds information exchange
  32. Coplink binds local law enforcement around the country
  33. New ceramic fuel cells also function as mini-power stations
  34. Milwaukee partners to install surveillance system
  35. L-3 partners with CDC for biotraining and response
  36. Wyoming builds statewide interops communications system
  37. Community-based flu wiki sites join to form family pandemic preparedness site
  38. InfraGard partners private sector with FBI for infrastructure protection
  39. Sacramento Metro Connect to begin construction on city-wide WiFi
  40. Chesapeake Innovation Center helps businesses develop effective HLS focus
  41. South Carolina program collaborates with health care professionals to provide disaster training
  42. Collaborative Fusion partners with San Francisco to develop and launch secure online stakeholder response tool
  43. Interfaith organization provides disaster relief, organization and partnership building in New York City
  44. Coalition Hope America helps disaster-stricken with financial services
  45. Kentucky officials partner with local retailers for preparedness literature distro
  46. Hexayurts provide quick portable shelter through partnership
  47. Companies working to help community resiliency
  48. New York City OEM establishes business listing resource for emergencies
  49. National Congress kicks-off in Washington D.C.
  50. Core Services Initiative announced to further interoperable communications, preparedness, response and recovery
  51. Massachusetts governor announces statewide interoperability plan
  52. Medical University of South Carolina helps to establish National Center for Disaster Mental Health Research
  53. Small Business Administration and Nationwide announce new disaster preparedness guides
  54. New FCC push to link rural hospitals to urban doctors
  55. Journal report finds disasters challenging government and community partnership
  56. Princeton researchers announce secure first responder computer architecture to help communications
  57. Ohio University to build virtual world for response training
  58. New Mexico responders to get wireless networks to help with response communications
  59. New preparedness guide in New York targeting kids' preparedness
  60. University of Pittsburgh HLS virtual program helps to pool resources and data for emergency response
  61. UN space-based disaster management program
  62. NC4 announces service to provide DHS with enhanced information sharing and collaboration capabilities
  63. Partnership in Oregon helps to create large mobile disaster response operations agreement
  64. New organization works to employ best practices to help protect against identity theft
  65. White House updates National Strategy for Homeland Security
  66. Satellite phone system to test emergency communications in rural Vermont
  67. Pennsylvania community distributes emergency preparedness information at local grocery stores
  68. Essential Public Network launches
  69. Financial institutions to run cyber pandemic preparedness drill
  70. Mass governor announces new HLS improvement plan for state
  71. Philadelphia university partners with federal government and other org's to address minority preparedness
  72. CCROA helps businesses leverage assets for disaster response
  73. San Jose police department partnering with online map mashup for community crime prevention
  74. Red Cross and business leaders in Long Beach promote earthquake preparedness
  75. Emergency preparedness fair in California community partners with Red Cross and local response organizations
  76. Local Michigan ham radio operators host emergency preparedness expo
  77. Illinois newspaper organization hosts emergency preparedness expo for community
  78. Tech companies partner with computer users to search for missing pilot
  79. Response exercise partners Wisconsin community with railroad
  80. Organization works to help field ID integration for local responders
  81. New York Health organizations work on best practices and lessons-learned
  82. Louisiana program protects animals during disasters
  83. Internet provider works with Red Cross and local government in Caymans during Hurricane Dean
  84. September marks 4th National Preparedness Month
  85. Financial consortium selects emergency notification system
  86. First responders get disaster training from chemical and rail industry
  87. Insurance company protects client homes from fires in West
  88. Architecture group working in New Orleans after Katrina turns to Peru
  89. Healthcare orgs form disaster response cooperative
  90. Hospital uses technology to help situational awareness during emergency drill
  91. New York colleges partner to offer response education
  92. Corporate disaster group works to provide preparedness for business continuity and able emergency response
  93. U.S. Coast Guard partners with Norwegian Cruise Lines for emergency exercise in U.S.V.I
  94. National Night Out
  95. Santa Clara schools work to prepare students for emergencies
  96. Citizens using technology to help first responders in Minneapolis
  97. Texas business and local government partner for disaster preparedness and response
  98. Florida governor opens state response center with community preparedness day
  99. Kentucky hospital partners with tech company to create situational awareness software
  100. Sam's Club hosts emergency preparedness forum
  101. Partnership in U.K. coordinating academic and scientific communities for disaster response
  102. Infrastructure protection lacking according to new GAO report
  103. Vermont assisted-living group helps with emergency preparedness
  104. Joint academic cultural and environmental disaster preparation and management website
  105. Conference focuses on sustainable urban development and preparedness
  106. Georgia Minor League Baseball team partners with DHS and Scouts for preparedness night
  107. Deaf and blind emergency response outreach in Louisiana
  108. World Conference on Disaster Preparedness brings public and private sector together
  109. Small business emergency preparedness seminar in El Paso
  110. Orlando bus drivers to receive anti-terror training
  111. Texas hurricane evacuation plans call for partnership with oil companies
  112. Indianapolis suburb installing city-wide WiFi network for responders and community
  113. Hearing impaired emergency call technology partnership announced
  114. Hawaii university to unveil online health preparedness suite
  115. Telecom company partners with national group for increased 911 awareness
  116. National Service to increase disaster response and preparedness programs
  117. Summit brings private and public sector partnerships together for health and pandemic preparedness
  118. IBM releases pandemic prediction software
  119. Boeing to staff analysts at FBI fusion center
  120. New NY alert messaging system leverages public and private assets
  121. California power company partnering with immigrant community for energy conservation and first response
  122. Looking at nuclear attack impact on major city
  123. LA poll finds almost half unwilling to obey mandatory evacuation orders during terrorist attack
  124. DHS information-sharing network development slow according to officials
  125. Philadelphia to test city-wide WiFi
  126. Dartmouth releases new CBRNE virtual training tool
  127. ConEd and DHS partner for NYC grid continuity
  128. CERT helping Florida responders prepare
  129. Michigan State and Ford partner for preparedness and response
  130. Mayors hold climate response summit
  131. New poll shows lack of preparedness in U.S. among communities
  132. Online mapping updated for disasters
  133. South Carolina partnering with company for telemedicine technology upgrades in hospitals
  134. Indiana community partners with state to film pandemic preparedness video
  135. FDNY tests wireless technology
  136. Geospatial technology helping federal agencies map critical infrastructure
  137. Alert system installed for KY residents under dam
  138. Short earthquake warning proposed in California
  139. Alabama farm team and Boy Scouts partner with DHS for emergency preparedness
  140. Open frequencies to be auctioned for broadband use
  141. San Francisco Mayor announces public/private partnership for emergency preparedness
  142. New elementary school preparedness program
  143. Severe weather conference in Baltimore to highlight hurricane preparedness
  144. Local PA nurse working with state officials for pandemic preparedness
  145. Mass university practices emergency response drills
  146. Communications company working with Richmond response services to create seamless communications network
  147. New fire evacuation guide developed for disabled
  148. Special needs group working to help prepare for emergencies and disasters in Maryland
  149. PA community-based preparedness program lauded for best public engagement
  150. Emergency Alert System needs organizational oversight to help with effectiveness through public/private partnership report finds
  151. Delaware health information network to go online
  152. Researchers building cybergrid to test spread of pandemic
  153. Colorado using new visual mapping technology to boost response management capabilities
  154. CDC and OnStar partner for auto disaster response
  155. Johns Hopkins University releases new medical disaster response software
  156. FEMA to fund hurricane hazard plan for New Orleans
  157. National volunteer response exercise to be held in Michigan
  158. Texas town and IBM to employ new wireless communication technology for city agencies
  159. PA governor announces state-wide emergency preparedness week
  160. Arizona votes to create citizen responder corps
  161. Montana tribes training for hazmat response
  162. California university creates new disaster communication system for students, faculty and staff
  163. Florida community organizes for CERT program under direction of former nurse
  164. American Legion members work for disaster preparedness in California
  165. Michigan teens get SERT training
  166. Washington State community implements plan to prepare households for disaster
  167. Maryland students get CERT training
  168. Episcopal Church releases flu pandemic response and preparedness plan
  169. Florida healthcare coalition works to share information, resources and training for disasters
  170. Government cybersecurity operation planned for 2008
  171. Nevadan 4-H program helps youths with emergency preparedness
  172. New Internet resource on homeland security and emergency preparedness for schools
  173. Local high school ham operator hobbyists help first responders in Dallas
  174. Earthquake preparedness urged in Midwest states
  175. California university runs emergency drill
  176. Louisiana medical research organization studies hurricane response
  177. South Dakota responders learn from terrorism response exercise
  178. Indiana community working for self-reliance during disasters
  179. Alabama counties partner with local organizations for disaster preparedness
  180. Vermont universities working with law enforcement to boost cyber crime detection
  181. Local New York Community holds emergency preparedness response classes
  182. CDC issues new research grants for healthcare information-sharing
  183. Town Hall meeting in LA works to unite businesses and community under preparedness
  184. D.C. Hospitals works to integrate information-sharing networks for robust disaster response
  185. Wireless technology partnerships helps to create communications in mines
  186. TSA sponsoring development of broadband wireless networks for airports
  187. Easy to use communications technology helps National Capital Region respond
  188. Wal-Mart looking to solar for retail stores
  189. DHS and universities work to promote research, development and education
  190. FCC planning national interoperable wireless network
  191. Universities working to develop opensource software with IBM
  192. DHS-led exercise combines critical cybersecurity practices
  193. Internet phone company works with FCC to introduce 911 emergency services
  194. Oklahoma announces PSA campaign with local athletes
  195. Collaborative federal grant program aims to enhace pipeline security
  196. Biometric information sharing conference highlights public/private partnerships
  197. PA program working to prepare against ID theft
  198. National Blueprint Summit in Charleston focuses on community involvement
  199. Mobile laptop data backup for Charleston City: A public/private best practice by the College of Charleston
  200. COBRA binds smaller communities together
  201. CDC and local health orgs working with religious organizations for emergency preparedness
  202. Business building emergency plan in Austin
  203. Dallas approves interoperable network
  204. Academic institutions offering homeland security courses
  205. ReadyAmerica Initiative kicks off in DC
  206. Dogs help first responders in Tenn
  207. Wireless and mobile technology allow for moveable WiFi network
  208. National Intelligence Directorate working with schools
  209. New climate report urges preparedness
  210. Mental health of first responders
  211. Miami and area developing hurricane evacuation and response plan
  212. The finance world fights terrorism
  213. Tennessee moves to upgrade 911 system into digital network
  214. Communities working to raise awareness and preparedness
  215. New technology links hospitals with specialists to treat patients
  216. NCORP and Manchester College help focus emergency preparedness and response
  217. University of Tennessee starts agricultural preparedness program
  218. Sport stadium security risk and disaster management and response
  219. Pandemic plan using quarantine and control measures
  220. Private Sector heads to work with state and local governments for disaster response
  221. Cities work to cooperate during emergency
  222. States hosting cooperative emergency exercise and preparedness programs
  223. Wall Street West project looks to keep economy continuity during disaster
  224. Fire departments receive federal money to help reduce and respond to blazes
  225. New York campaign to get citizens prepared
  226. Texas university to work on terrorism information and law program
  227. Emergency preparedness training for school officials
  228. New port detection technology
  229. First interoperable network
  230. New report focuses on health information sharing
  231. Emergency healthcare and medical response
  232. DHS works to prepare elderly and disabled
  233. DHS announces National Preparedness Month
  234. Robotic first responders
  235. Coordination among relief agencies
  236. Private sector and government cooperative tests first responder cybertechnology capabilities
  237. Researchers develop cheap radiation and nuke detection device
  238. New medical technology speeds field triage and information sharing
  239. New local guide to help with disabled emergency planning
  240. Collaborative effort in Louisiana works to repair medical response
  241. Business real-time awareness during a disaster
  242. New terrorist information fusion center in Los Angeles
  243. The stadium as an emergency shelter
  244. Ohio announces the first statewide information and data exchange system for first responders in US
  245. Communications infrastructure coordination by the federal government
  246. Public/Private cooperation best for medical response to pandemic
  247. New chip technology increases information security and exchange
  248. Baltimore-area campaign to boost community preparedness
  249. Public-Private information-sharing program in Maryland
  250. Maryland school begins homeland security magnet program
  251. New web technology tool to help coordinate medical information during a disaster
  252. Private sector organizations using RFID to help with efficiency and tracking in cooperative efforts with government
  253. Blue Cascades III complete
  254. Penn State counterterrorism center to hold terror psychology conference
  255. Port security report focuses on ecnomic recovery
  256. Standard communication protocol developed for first responders
  257. NCORP press briefing at the National Press Club
  258. New York State begins all-access radio network
  259. Tractor trailer security and highway transport
  260. Ham radio operators participate in emergency exercises
  261. State CIOs say interoperability needs improvement
  262. DHS guidelines would allow employers to register workers electronically
  263. LA emergency preparedness plans
  264. Student Emergency Response Teams
  265. Miami-Dade homeland security officials ask for resident participation
  266. Decontamination facility for children
  267. Agroterror defense and coordination
  268. DHS launches Ready Business Mentoring Initiative
  269. RFID technology at the border
  270. Family preparedness in New Orleans
  271. The move to IPv6
  272. Radios for Red Cross
  273. Maryland schools hold emergency preparedness programs
  274. Businesses and government emergency preparedness
  275. NCORP Chairman Gilmore: community preparedness essential
  276. New satellite technology to help with severe weather emergencies
  277. Chemical plant security in Houston
  278. Real-time information sharing for airports
  279. Technology is changing infrastructure
  280. Schools focus on security programs and counterterrorism discussions
  281. Red Cross to revamp before 2006 hurricane season
  282. Ready America preparedness and response
  283. NCORP and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government
  284. Programs to promote earthquake awareness and response
  285. Chemical plant security focus from DHS
  286. Volunteerism in New Orleans
  287. Businesses and bird flu
  288. WiFi network emergence and security
  289. Health officials preparing American poultry for flu virus
  290. MIT students to investigate chemical makeup of IED
  291. Community-based flu website tries to prepare communities
  292. Muslim Congress in Southern California created to address terror prevention in communities
  293. Tenn gets phone alert system
  294. NIH grant gives BU Level 4 lab in South End
  295. DHS launches Ready Kids
  296. Moves to incorporate RFID into licenses raises security concerns
  297. Manufacturers get boost in security projects
  298. Homeland Security training center
  299. Agreement at Indiana schools will help manage information in the feild
  300. Educational grants from DHS
  301. NYC hospitals get radiation detection
  302. Dairy Farmers of America implement biosecurity program
  303. Chesapeake group works to help foster public/private homeland security technology development
  304. South Carolina works to coordinate elderly evaucations
  305. Nuclear industry asks for increased reactor security construction
  306. Broadband and digital use create more room on airwaves
  307. Consumer Reports release personal preparedness info
  308. Utah pandemic preparedness
  309. Missouri schools partner with first responders and local officials in consortium
  310. California group looks to organize response to disasters and earthquakes
  311. States and Canadian provinces coordinate Great Lakes project
  312. Integrating college and city disaster planning: A Charleston public/private partnership best practice
  313. Citizens help national preparedness
  314. Two communities develop and train on tracking systems
  315. Oregon community manages first responder network
  316. Research and Development convention in Boston address Homeland Security
  317. Veterinarians help in the war on terror
  318. Truckers to Help in War on Terror
  319. Private Sector Companies Adapt to a Post-9/11 World


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